Winter Jewellery Trends You Need to Know About


Winter is going to be here for awhile, and while we love a good Netflix-bingeing weekend-in as much as the next person (yes we did watch all of Stranger Things 2 in one weekend and yes we did spend some of that time researching Steve’s hair), there’s also plenty of opportunity to step out and get your sparkle on this season. Between holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, and just going out enough to make sure your friends still know you’re alive, you’ll have lots of chances to take this season’s biggest jewellery trends for a spin. Here’s a rundown of the jewellery looks to try this winter.

1) Baroque chain necklaces

In the winter there’s nothing we love more than that chic-but-warm go-to that is the trusty turtleneck (this turtleneck dress is taking our love for the style to the next level). Luckily, our cold-weather mainstay is the perfect canvas for this winter’s favourite necklace. The chunky chain with high-impact baroque embellishments sits perfectly atop our warm clothing – the heavier and more dramatic, the better.

2) Gemstone brooches

If you’ve got a brooch from your grandmother hidden away in your jewellery box, now’s the time to dust it off. If you’re not so lucky as to have a heritage piece patiently waiting for your renewed interest, the resurgence in popularity means there are also tons of options in stores. We especially love a grouping of several brooches in varying styles and sizes – a great trick to keeping the look youthful is to mix a traditional style with something a little more whimsical.

3) Gemstones

Fact: sparkling gemstones are extra stunning in the winter. Our favourite way to wear the trend is to find a ring and bracelet combo that play off of one another, making each feel even more special. The pieces don’t need to be identical or come as a set – in fact we really like a subtle variation in colour – but when they share a shape or similar setting, beautiful things happen. A cuff bracelet is another great way to layer your jewellery over clothing.

4) Statement earrings

It is most definitely the year of the earring. Not since the ‘80s have fashionistas everywhere been seen sporting so much lavish bling on their ears. Our favourite styles this season are anything with a unique shape like an unexpected spiral, and our favourite way to wear our statement earrings is intentionally mismatched. Get creative and have some fun with it! They’re only earrings, after all – no permanent commitment is needed with this couple.

5) Shoe clips

First brooches, and now shoe clips?! As it turns out, Granny really had it right with the jewellery. Shoe clips probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of accessories, but can we take a minute to appreciate how striking they are? They have the ability to change the look of your shoe and turn a basic pair of flats or simple pumps into something special for a night out.

Now that we’ve talked you into leaving the house this winter, check out our parka roundup to find the perfect topper to take you warmly through the season.

See something that caught your eye? Visit St. Vital Centre to shop the looks featured in this post (check stores for availability):


Silver baroque chain necklace: RW&Co., $49.90
Gold art deco fan necklace: RW&Co., $49.90
Number 5 brooch: Boes, $10
Gem cluster brooch: Le Chateau, $35
Pearl brooch: Boes
Gemstone ring: Boes, $19
Gemstone bracelet: Boes, $28
Single strand silver earrings: Le Chateau, $9.95
Twisted metal earrings, textured: Le Chateau, $15
Twisted metal earrings, smooth: Le Chateau, $12.95
Irregular oval earrings: Le Chateau, $15
Diamond shoe clip: Aldo, $25
Black shoe clip: Aldo, $20


Black turtleneck dress: Dynamite, $59.95
Black pointed toe pump: Le Chateau, $79.95
Black tights: Le Chateau, $15

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