Activewear to Solve Your Workout Problems


We all have our excuses for not working out, from weather to time to lack of motivation. But at the end of day, you know a trip to the gym will be worth it – and a great outfit might just give you the push you need! Here are three gym-friendly looks that tackle fashion-related workout problems, so you have no excuse to skip out on your next sweat sesh.

Problem 1) You're not motivated unless you're wearing something trendy.
Solution: Let’s be honest – for some of us, the best part of working out is the excuse to wear a cute outfit. (Where else can you get away with that much neon?!) A great #fitspo look starts with your sports bra, and this lime green option looks cool AND keeps you dry. Plus, it’s designed by Stella McCartney, whose most recent endeavour was designing the British Olympic team’s outfits… no big deal. A pair of Nike runners are a fashion-girl must, and also happen to be just what you need to nail Gigi’s flawless athleisure look.

Problem 2) You like to run outside, but the weather is unpredictable.
There’s nothing worse than just hitting your stride, only to suddenly be pummelled by rain. To stay as dry as possible, a lightweight waterproof jacket will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do. For days when the rain brings a chill with it, a slim-fit sweater that layers comfortably beneath your rain jacket is a lifesaver, and an oversized hood is a great feature that you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Loose, breathable shorts are a safe bet for any outdoor run, and mesh running shoes can handle any moisture that comes your way.

Problem 3) You feel self-conscious at the gym.
Solution: For those of us not rocking the abs of an Olympic athlete, skin-tight athletic wear can be intimidating. If you’re just starting out, or simply feel more comfortable with a bit of coverage, a pair of tights with a higher waistband are a must. Flowy tops that don’t hug your mid-section will compliment the tights, and ensure that you feel cool and comfortable. The most important thing to remember is that you’re being active for you – not to impress anyone else. So choose pieces you love and feel good in, and then go do your thing!

Need more workout outfit inspo? Here are three looks to freshen up your workout routine.  

Visit these St. Vital Centre retailers to shop the looks (check stores for availability):

Look #1 – Athleisure pro
Lime sports bra: Sport Chek (Adidas), $54.00
Stella McCartney grey and lime zip-up: Sport Chek (Adidas), $99.99
Speckled 3/4 tights: Reitmans, $40.00
Air Max runners: Stance (Nike), $120.00
Green water bottle: Reitmans, $24.00

Look #2 – Outdoor runner
Tie-dye sweater: Boathouse (SkinnyDip), $60.00
Running shorts with liner: Sport Chek (Reebok), $36.00
Purple rain jacket: Sport Chek (North Face), $109.99
Runners: Sport Chek (Nike), $105.00

Look #3 – Gym beginner
Black halter with floral accents: Reitmans, $30.00
3/4 tights with floral accents: Reitmans, $40.00
Black side-zip sweater: Reitmans, $48.00
White and pink runners: Sport Chek (Reebok), $120.00
Duffle bag: Reitmans, $60.00
Black sports bra: Reitmans, $30.00

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