Perfect Bags for back-to-school – and beyond


Can you believe we’re already shopping for back-to-school?! Whether you’re a student or a working professional, everyone needs a bag that combines fashion and function this fall. With weight, purpose, and style all in mind, we found the best bag options for all of our hardworking ladies.

For the high-schooler

The perfect bag: Small black leather backpack
Why you need it: You’ve probably tried every style of backpack over the years from patterned to sporty to canvas. Black leather backpacks are a relatively new trend, so why not spend the last of your school years looking extra stylish? Plus, the leather is super durable and won’t get dirty as fast as a polyester backpack would. (Boes, $250.00)

For the university student

The perfect bag: Black backpack with light brown panel
Why you need it: You’re officially grown up! Well, just about. High school is long gone, and you’re ready to start making your mark on the world. You still need a backpack, but it’s time to go for something with more of a mature edge. This bag will blend seamlessly with your style, and is cute enough to take the place of your purse during a Thom Bargen study sesh. (Browns, $110.00)

For the intern

The perfect bag: Yellow purse
Why you need it: During any internship, it’s important to look as professional as possible. In other words: ditch the student backpack. This yellow tote is sleek and professional, but is large enough to hold everything you need. It even includes a useful floral clutch that snaps into the interior. Don’t forget to bring a few notebooks – you never know when you’re going to need to take notes! (Browns, $59.98)

For the corporate gal

The perfect bag: Taupe shoulder bag
Why you need it: The beauty of working in an office? Having a desk that you can store absolutely everything in. All you have to worry about it is looking professional – and maybe the occasional bit of work. ;) This purse will get you where you want to go. A chic shoulder bag compliments nearly any outfit, and has just enough room to fit the essentials. (Le Chateau, $55.00)

For the ultra-prepared

The perfect bag: Forest green duffel bag
Why you need it: Let’s face it, some of us just have a lot of stuff that we need to carry around. Whether it’s a laptop, a few magazines, or emergency beauty products (you never know!), this bag will fit everything and more. Plus, it’s designed to feel light, and has lots of fun pockets and secrets compartments for you to fill up. (Spareparts, $215.00)

Did we cover all the bases? Let us know in the comments if we missed you, and we’ll help recommend the perfect bag for you. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with all our favourite pieces.

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