Video: 3 Wearable Shades to get Fall’s Dramatic Dark Lips


From the extra-thick September issues we’ve been flipping through, to the videos of ‘it’ girl songstress Lorde…it’s clear that dark, berry-stained lips are extra hot for fall. But what looks good on the runway (or in a music video!) can often be a bit much for real life. So we hooked up with beauty guru and Sephora makeup artist Josh Stark to help us choose the perfect lip shades AND keep the rest of our look fresh and modern. Watch the video to see the colours we’ll be wearing this season!

“Not everyone has the courage to rock a bold lip,” Stark tells us. “But it's a great way to take a simple makeup look and give it an edge.” He recommends keeping the lips as the main focus and using a lighter hand on the rest of your makeup to avoid the dated 90s look of dark lips + dark eyes + chalky skin. Try to stay away from too much black clothing  (unless a gothic style is your intention), but use the look to add a little edge to your wardrobe. Fall’s rich and textured season is the perfect time to go a little dramatic.

Stark assures us that with a little confidence, we could pull this look off. “You can wear this lip anywhere!” he says. “It’s perfect for anything from a night out at a concert to a day of shopping.” Shopping? Now we’re talking…

We want to hear from you…will you be wearing fall’s dark lip look? You can also check in with us on Instagram (@stvitalcentre) for more great inspiration.

Love this look and want to try it for yourself? Nars Pure Matte in Volga, Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Colour Stick in Smack and Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Homegirl are all sold at Sephora (check store for product availability).

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