The Green Girl’s Guide to a Better Beauty Routine


We hear it said a lot because it’s true: when it comes to being earth-friendly, it’s the little changes that really do add up. And it’s not just about cleaning products and recycling – making small swaps to your daily beauty routine can also make a big difference toward your sustainability. Working with the green goddesses at LUSH (the original fresh and green beauty supplier), we’re highlighting where you can make a few easy updates to your most-used products, without missing a beauty beat.

Swap your: bottled shampoo for a shampoo bar
Product: Honey I Washed My Hair, $9.95 for 55g
Why? Your morning shower is about to get more awesome. This shampoo bar will outlive your bottled shampoo 3x over (it lasts 80 washes!) and disappears without a trace (no packaging to discard in your trash or recycling bin). And that’s in addition to the ease and fun-factor of lathering up with these sweetly scented bars.

Swap your: aluminum antiperspirant for a hard-working natural deodorant
Product: T’eo Deodorant, $8.95 for 90g
Why? Stinky underarms are the pits. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) But since sweat doesn’t make you smell (the bacteria does!), attack the pit-problem at its source, with absorbing powders and fresh-smelling essential oils rather than harsher products. The aluminum in traditional antiperspirants actually blocks the sweat glands, which some studies have linked to breast cancer.

Swap your: traditional shaving foam for a rich, moisturizing shaving cream
Product: D’Fluff Shaving Cream, $9.95 - $16.95
Why? Who wants scaly legs – especially during shorts season? Shaving foam is full of nasty chemicals and is notoriously drying. On top of that, those aerosol cans aren’t always recyclable and can be dangerous to waste workers. This shaving cream is the perfect alternative – full of fresh ingredients, it’s self-preserving and leaves your legs silky soft and smelling delicious.

Swap your: lip balm, skin salve, and hair wax for a multi-purpose balm
Product: Ultrabalm, $13.95 for 40g
Why? A few extra minutes in the morning are always welcome, are we right? Downsize your routine by swapping three different products for one, and you’ll save time, money, AND excess packaging. Plus, this vegan product is completely animal-free, with no beeswax, petroleum, or lanolin in sight.

What are your favourite green beauty tips? If you’re looking for even more ways to greenify your beauty routine, stop by LUSH at St. Vital Centre. Their experts will hook you up with luxurious products that are good for you and for the earth – the ultimate win-win.

Shop all the products at LUSH in St. Vital Centre (check the store for availability)!

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