12 Awesome School Supplies for Grown Ups


It doesn’t matter how many years tick by since we’ve graced a classroom (ahem, no counting, please!), we still get a little excited and a lot nostalgic for ‘back to school’ season come fall. Fresh new clothes, the intoxicating smell of paper and books, that tiny thrill of possibility that comes with new beginnings….ahhhhh, so good. But even though we may not be checking things off an official school supplies shopping list, that doesn’t mean the scores of ‘back to school’ items in the Centre haven’t caught our eyes! So we’re using it as an excuse to freshen up our own stock of office supplies, carry-alls, paper products, and other desk-dwelling items. Here’s a look at what’s on our wish list for fall:

Nothing screams school like the classic backpack. But lately we’re seeing so many sophisticated versions that go beyond the schoolyard. We love these slouchy and stylish versions by Claire’s ($36.50 each, Claire’s). They’re budget-friendly and keep you hands free for the commute! Speaking of which, tuning out on your way to work or school gets pretty cute with these boho-printed headphones ($25, Claire’s) – whether your jam is an energizing playlist or listening to the latest bestseller. We’ve also spotted this standout phone case/wallet (by Matt & Nat, $36, Spare Parts) and this adorable case which could double as a lunch bag and a pencil case (by Herschel, $28, Spare Parts).

Whether it’s for actual journaling or just jotting down important notes and making lists, a new journal is a must-have for us each season. The designs from Chapters are always charming and this fall is no exception. We’re quite taken with the whimsical woodland, owl, and fox collections. We’ll be writing all our to-dos on these fun pieces (Owl leather journal - $20/Owl calendar - $10/Owl pencil set - $7, Chapters) (Fox notebook - $10.50/notepad - $5.50/pencil case - $9, Chapters).

Paying bills, keeping up with correspondence…most of these tasks have gone electronic, but there’s still the odd bit of paperwork that needs to be maintained. Why not add a pop of colour to these duties with some fun office accessories? The clean lines and on-trend aqua palette of these desk supplies are a favourite (by Poppin, $8-$14 each, Chapters). Keeping with the colour theme, forget the plain old black Sharpies and ho-hum neon post-its of your past. These modern, updated versions in your fave shades ($1 each, Walmart) and chic designs ($2-$3 each, Hallmark) will make you want to take notes!

We’ll be decorating our desktops with these whimsical mini globes ($24.50 each, Chapters). They not only look cute, but you never know when you’ll need to a quick geography refresher.  A polished set of blank notebooks for your desk, purse and bedside table will inspire all your random thoughts and reminders ($24.50 each, Chapters). And last but not least, we will definitely be treating ourselves to a new mug. It’s not technically a school supply - but hey – we couldn’t get through a day of work OR school without our daily java fix! We adore this pretty monogrammed version ($9.95 or $5 with 2-card purchase, Carlton Cards).

Now it’s your turn – are you headed back to school this fall? Do you get warm and fuzzy when it comes to this time of year?

*Product availability may vary; please check stores for details.

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